SiP  PiP (Package-in-Package)

Product Overview
PiP (Package-in-Package) is an option which can be used to decouple the stacking design from die design or when KGD (known good die) is not available. PiP can provide excellent electrical performance for memory bus and integration at assembly. PiP provides a smaller form factor compared with PoP.

PiP offers excellent advantages for many applications where size, weight, electrical performance and board density are important considerations. The KGD solution for memory package (internal) can provide high FT yield performance after burn-in.

The outline of PiP is same as single package. There is no additional process needed with FT and SMT at end customer.

PiP is suitable for applications such as Cellular phone, Wireless LAN, PDA and various handheld electronics.

Package stacking
Mold CPD to Mold CPD adhesion
WB type PiP, FC+WB PiP
KGD solution
Green Package solution available
High speed performance
Good Electrical performance
Different devices integrated onto one package

Package Level
MSL JEDEC Level 3, 30°C/ 60% RH 192 hours
TCT –65°C ~ 150°C 1000 cycles
HAST 130°C/ 85% RH/33.5 PSIG 96 hours
HTST 150°C 1000 cycles
Board Level
TCT 0~100°C, 2 CPH W/10 minute ramps and 5 minute duells respectively 1000 cycles
THT 85°C/ 85% RH 1000 hours

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