Stacked Leadframe

Quad packages have been used for years in ASICs, DSPs, microcontrollers, and memory ICs. A wide range of open and closed tools in quad packages offer low cost and reliable solutions for moderate and low pin ICs. Several state-of-the-art improvements on thermal and electrical issues concerning quad packages have been proposed and introduced, including MCM. To meet the requirements of compact and low profi le electronic devices, quad packages as thin as 1.1mm are offered at ASE.

Pkg Type
QFP plus HS
LQFP exposed pad
TQFP exposed pad
(1mm=39.37mil; 1mil=25.4um)
* The overall thickness is the sum of body and stand-off.

Reliability Test Plan
All the quad packages selected for temperature/humidity test and temperature cycles are subject to precondition process per JEDEC moisture LEVEL3 prior to environmental stress. The test criterion is zero defect out of 45 sampling units.
Temp/Humidity test 85ºC/85% RH, 1000 hr. (JEDEC 22-A101)
Pressure cooker test 121ºC/100% RH/15 PSIG, 300 hr. (JEDEC 22-A102)
Temp cyclic test -65ºC~150ºC, 1000 cycles (MIL-STD-883-1010.7)
High temp storage test 150ºC, 1000 hr. (JEDEC 22-A103)
High accelerated stress test 130ºC/85% RH/33.5 PSIA, 100 hr. (JEDEC 22-A110)

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