Product Overview
Pin Grid Array (PGA) is a microchip design that has the silicon core of the microchip facing down toward the motherboard. The core is covered by a heat slug, which helps to dissipate the heat to the heatsink better. As IC technology becomes faster, more complex and more powerful, the demands for high-performance packaging increases. The thermal, mechanical and electrical performance of the package should match the requirement of the device. PGA, with its excellent thermal, mechanical and electrical performance, can meet the high performance requirements.

PGA is suitable for highly demanding/high-performance microprocessors.

Excellent thermal performance
Excellent electrical performance
High mechanical strength
Excellent high frequency insulation
No water absorption

Package Level of Regular BOM

Test Item

Reference Standard




1000 cycles (MIL STD-883)



1000 cycles (MIL-STD-883)

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