SiP  Side by Side BGA

Product Overview
Side by side MCM PBGA and side by side MCM HSBGA are the types of MCMs offered by ASE. MCM HSBGA includes multi heat slug for heat dissipation in different die layout (square, trapezoid and eclipse).

Graphics and Memory

Game console
Set top box

Bluetooth modules

23x23 mm to 45x45 mm body size
Full in-house design capability
Fine Pitch wirebond capability
Lead free process available
High speed performance
Good thermal performance
Different devices integrated onto one package
Cost effective solution for high density package
Eliminate the use of second level package
Good electrical performance
JEDEC standard compliant

Package Level
MSL JEDEC Level 3, 30°C/ 60% RH 192 hours
PCT 121°C/ 100% RH/ 2 atm 168 hours
TCT –65°C ~ 150°C 1000 cycles
HAST 130°C/ 85% RH 96 hours
HTST 150°C 1000 cycles
Board Level
TCT -40°C~125°C 3500 cycles no failure
THT 85°C/85% RH 1000 hours no failed
Vibration test 4 times of vibration for eash axis No failed

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