CSP  Leadless-BCC/BCC+/BCC++

Product Overview
BCC (bump chip carrier) uses plating metal pads (so-called “terminals”, as small as 0.4X0.3mm) to connect with the PCB. The terminals, which are etched from copperbased lead frame during packaging process, can be placed on the periphery of package with in-line or staggered layout. BCC+ and BCC++ both have exposed die pads, which can be soldered to the PCB. This direct heat path can enhance the thermal performance. BCC++ further intensifies the electrical performance by allocating a ground ring, which is extended from the die pad, to allow wire bonding. This common ground can reduce the ground inductance and curb the inductive noise. The BCC packages are suitable for applications of over 12GHz working frequency.

The BCC series package is very suitable for small size and light weight packages that requires excellent electrical and thermal performance. Any application requiring high frequency and high power package performance, light weight, and small package size can choose BCC package, especially for telecommunications (wireless application like cellular phone, handset, PDA, wireless card, base station and wireless LAN), portable products (like personal digital assistants and digital camera) and low to medium lead count packages (for information appliances application).

Small package size, light weight
Package height 0.8mm max
Existing BOM and process flow
Excellent thermal performance
Excellent electrical performance
Mass production for over 2.5 years, shipped over 150 million products
Assembly yield over 99.85%
Suitable for high frequency application
Custom-design available

Package Level
Test Item Reference Standard Condition/Duration
MSL JEDEC 22-A103 Level 3, 30°C/60% RH, 192 hrs
TCT JEDEC 22-A104-B -65°C to 150°C, 100/300/500/1000 cycles
HAST JEDEC 22-A118 130°C/85% RH, 33.5 PSI 48/96 hrs
HTST JEDEC 22-A103-B 150°C, 500/1000 hrs
THT JEDEC 22-A101-B 85’C/85%RH 500/1000 hrs
PCT JEDEC 22-A102 121°C/100%RH/15 psi ,96/168/300 hours
Thermal shock test JEDEC JESD22-A106 -65°C~150°C, 100 / 300 / 500 cycles
MSL for BCC+ is the same as BCC++
Board Level (Contact ASE for further details.)

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