CSP  Ultra CSP

Product Overview
A chip size package (CSP) has a packaged size of no larger than 120 percent of the naked die. In 2001, ASE licensed the Ultra CSP?from Kulicke & Soffa's Flip Chip Division. The Ultra CSP is a wafer level CSP and it does not use an interposer that contributes to a higher cost solution than standard surface mount packages. Another advantage of the Ultra CSPis that it enables direct contact between the device and product because the process uses solder balls instead of wire bonding for interconnection. Signal inductance is significantly redcuced since the interconnects are much shorter than wire bonding.

Applications of Ultra CSP include analog devices, microcontrollers, integrated passives and memories such as Flash, DRAM, SRAM and EEPROM.

Real chip size (smallest, thinnest and lightest)
High density interconnection
High-speed data processing
Batch process-assembly, processed in wafer form
Wire-bond die type can be directly switched to Ultra CSP®

Package Level
TCT JEDEC 22, A104-A condition B, -55°C~125°C 1000 cycles
PCT JEDEC 22B, A102-B, 121°C/15 psig/100% RH 96 hours
THT JEDEC 22B, A101-A, 85°C/85% RH 168/500/1000 hours
HTST JEDEC 22B, A103-A, 150 1000 hours
Board Level
TCT -40°C~125°C 500 cycles
Bending test 1 mm@1Hz 63.2% failure>1,000,000 cycles
Drop test 1m height 100 drops

Design Rule
Die thickness 0.33~0.73 mm
Al pad pitch 90 um min.
Redistribution 37 um (25 um line/12 um space)
Ball pad pitch 0.5 mm
Solder ball diameter 0.3 mm
Laser marking 0.3 mmx0.2 mm (Font heightxFont pitch)
(1mm=39.37mil; 1mil=25.4um)

Package Offering
Pitch (mm) Ball diameter (mm) Ball height (mm) Die thick. (mm) Ball size (mm)
A   B C D
0.50 0.3 0.24 0.33~0.73 0.32
0.50 0.35 0.28 0.33~0.73 0.38
0.65 0.35 0.28 0.33~0.73 0.38
0.75 0.50 0.39 0.33~0.73 0.54
0.80 0.50 0.39 0.33~0.73 0.54

UBM: Al/NiV/Cu
Solder ball: Eutectic Pb/Sn, leadfree
Flux: Water soluble flux

Standard Process
First dielectric layer coating/exposure/developing
UBM sputter deposition
Cap photolithography
Cap metal etch
Second dielectric layer coating/exposure/developing
Wafer grinding (Optional)
Wafer laser marking (Optional)
Wafer ball mounting
Wafer sawing (Optional)
Final Inspection (Gate)

Packing & Shipping
Wafer box (6" and 8")
Waffle pack (2")
Tape & reel (7" and 13")

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