Wafer Bumping  Gold Bumping

Product Overview
Gold Bumping technology is becoming more popular recently. High demand for LCD driver ICs keeps Gold Bumping and TCP lines very busy.

ASE’s Bumping plant II in Kaohsiung will commence mass-production in October and expected initial capacity is 10K wafer per month and then will ramp-up to 20K wafer per month at the end of Q4.

Gold bumped wafer will be applied on TCP (Tape Carrier Package), COG (Chip on Glass), COF(Chip on Film) package primarily for consumer products. It is designed to replace wire bond technology .The gold bumped chip will be mounted on the package through thermal compression method. As the requirement in high I/O, flex interconnection, thin, lightweight packaging increase, gold bumped wafers become more suitable to these portable products.

LCD Monitor
Mobil Phone
Digital Camera, PDA, Ink Printer.

Standard Process/Materials
Wafer Incoming WAFER :
- 6/8 INCH
- Al Pad: Al-Si-Cu, or Al-Cu
- Passivation: Nitride, Oxide, or PI
UBM Sputtering UBM: TiW, Au
Photo Patterning


Au Plating Electro Plating: Au
Photo-resist Stripping  
Seed Layer Etching  

Design Guideline
Wafer Size 6", 8"
Minimum wafer thickness 6"-625 µm/ 8"-725 m
Pad metal AI-Si-Cu, AL-Cu based
Wafer surface No inked dots
Pad surface No probe mark
Passivation Nitride, Oxide, polyimide
UBM Tiw/Au
Bump height 15~20 µm
Minimumbump pitch 45 µmpitch
Minimum spacing between bumps 12 µm

Package Offering

Packing & Shipping
By Cassette or Disk.

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