Flip Chip  Flip Chip BGA (FCBGA)

Product Overview
Flip Chip Organic BGA
Laminate or build-up organic substrate offers better electrical performance than wire-bond type BGA package especially in high frequency applications.

Flip Chip Ceramic BGA
Alumina ceramic substrate offers better moisture resistance, electrical insulating property and higher thermal conductivity than organic substrate. FCBGA is used primarily for high-reliability commercial applications (e.g. CPU).

Graphics/chipsets for PC
Game console and High-end application
Microprocessor for PC & Server

Network products (LAN)
Cellular Base Stations

Substrate 4 layer laminate, 4~12 layer & 800 / 400 um Build-up substrates, and ceramic substrates are available for different application
Passive Component Passive component attaching is available. It can be placed on the top or bottom side of the package
Ceramic BGA High Pb solder ball with eutectic solder paste improves board level reliability performance of ceramic packages

Package Level
MSL Level 4 220 °C
TCT-B 1000 cycles
THT 1000 hrs
HTST 1000 hrs
PCT 96 hrs (For Reference Only)
HAST 100 hrs
Board Level (Contact ASE for further details.)

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