Security Management

Security Policy

ASEKH is committed to the security protection and continual improvement of security environment.
  1. ASEKH all information assets are owned by ASE.
  2. ASEKH all the members has the responsibility to protect its information assets.
  3. ASEKH all the members need to ensure the information confidentiality,integrity and availability.

Our Commitments:
  1. Protect the information security for all ASEKH products, services, processes, network and information technology.
  2. To ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the ASEKH and customer information.
  3. Protect information assets and follow the requirements of laws and regulations.
  4. Need to know: confidential information only to let people know you need to know.
  5. Segregation of duty: achieve a reasonable division of labor organizations.
  6. Least privilege: granted minimal access authorized to perform work.

ISO 27001 Certificate

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