Social Responsibility

ASE Philanthropic Program
ASE fully understands that our success is attributable to our customers, our people, and the society to which we all belong. As a corporate citizen, ASE is determined to make significant contributions to society and to help the needy through a variety of philanthropic programs. Currently, ASE owns two charitable institutions including ASE Culture and Education Foundation and SunMoonLight Charitable Institution. Both organizations are devoted to promoting the welfare of society, education, and cultural affairs.

ASE Education and Culture Institution
The ASE Education and Culture Institution was established in 1997, with the objective of promoting arts and cultural activities, developing social education, and nurturing the growth of talent. Institutional funds are contributed jointly by the Chairman of ASE Group, ASE Inc., ASE Test Inc. and ASE ChungLi Inc. To date, the activities organized by the ASE Education and Culture Institution include the Taipei International Interior Design Competition, Dreams of Design- XY Generation Design Exhibition, Night of Artists- Dragon Marin Cherina, and a wide variety of donation campaigns.

SunMoonLight Charitable Institution
In the beginning, the objective of the SunMoonLight Charitable Institution, which is organized voluntarily by ASE Kaohsiung employees, was to aid colleagues who may need assistance. Later, this organization developed into a charitable institution with external reach. It provides emergency assistance and donations to people in need. All financial resources of this charity comes from ASE Kaohsiung employees and donations from Mr. Jason Chang, Chairman of ASE Group. For people who need assistance from this organization, please contact us at +886 7 361-7131 extension 1059 or 1060.

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